Perceptive Editing for Thematically
Alive Stories

Some stories are more alive than others. Their themes run deep, facing reality with both its darkness–and hope. When these books reach their full potential, they are the ones that change our lives.

Call Me Laura

I am a developmental editor who greets each story with the awareness of a highly-sensitive mind and the empathy of someone who has had a brush or two with trauma. My specialty is helping you align the foundations of your novel into a rich, immersive story that rings with the message you set out to tell.

How an Editorial Assessment Can Unlock Your Novel

An editorial assessment is a comprehensive, 10-20 page document that outlines what the foundations of your novel (plot, character, and theme) are doing, and how they can evolve to give you the story you want. Writers who naturally tell alive, theme-driven stories often struggle with pacing and plot. This can lock your readers outside of your world, leaving them unable to experience the depth of your theme.

Whether you are an experienced or novice writer, an editorial assessment will help you

  • level-up your plot to help readers engage with your book on a deeper level.
  • clarify character arcs so that they naturally fuel both plot and theme.
  • make your theme both accessible and empowering for your intended audience.

What My Clients Are Saying

“You’ll feel like someone believes in your story and cares deeply for your characters in an honest way. Laura’s a wonderful listener whose advice is informed by a deep desire to understand and to help, and I’d trust any of my work in her hands.”


“Laura has a deep understanding of story structure and character and is able to explain everything in a way that feels personal and manageable. . . . Her insights provided me with a new perspective on my manuscript I would have otherwise missed out on.”


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