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Whether you are here to contemplate life through writing or to find support for your own book, you have come to the right place. I am a writer, teacher, and editor, and this site is a place to explore both the structure and heart of story.

Developmental Editing

I know how much we need feedback on our writing journeys, and that is why I offer editing services that even tight-budgeted writers can afford. Developmental editing helps align the plot, character, and theme of your book, and is the first step towards turning a freshly finished manuscript into a cohesive, resonant book.

Book Coaching

Book coaching is focused on giving you experienced feedback and support in the trenches of writing. Whether you are outlining, drafting, or revising, book coaching offers weekly check-ins and regular video calls to accelerate your progress and offer valuable tools for crafting the story you want to tell.


Writing, for me, is an expression of life. My fantasy novels and poetry explore both the weight of darkness and the reality of hope in our complex world. On my blog, you will find excerpts from my current novels and poetry, as well as articles on story structure and living a healthy writer’s life.

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Outlining Methods Part 3: The Promise of Plot Points

In part one and two of this series, we’ve explored methods of finding and capturing inspiration as you build an outline or refocus your draft. This final step is simply putting that inspiration together into concrete events that you can anticipate and work towards. Whether you are a plotter or a pantser, this step is… Continue Reading →

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