Explore Life with the Writer and Get Support from Your New Editor

Whether you are here to contemplate life through writing, or to find support for your own book, you have come to the right place. I am a writer, teacher, and editor, and this blog is a place to dissect the craft of writing and explore the revealed life we find on our writing journeys.

I currently offer developmental editing as well as book coaching, priced to be accessible to all writers and budgets. Developmental editing can help you align the plot, character, theme, and style of your book into a clear and compelling whole. Book coaching is focused on supporting you on each step of your draft or revision, offering regular video calls, clear feedback on your latest writing, and relevant writing principles. For over seven years, my tutoring and teaching has focused on helping others find and articulate the core of their stories, and I have loved continuing this work as an editor.

So come and dive in. Explore pieces of encouragement, articles on the craft, thoughts on the nature of life in my own evolving novels, and even an editor to stand by you in your own writing journey.

2 thoughts on “Explore Life with the Writer and Get Support from Your New Editor

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    1. That’s wonderful! Writing can be such a fulfilling form of expression. I can’t wait to see what you’re working on. Let me know if you would like some support on your writing journey.


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